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Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture

Ezekiel Chapter

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This section of the website contains the Ezekiel chapter that Blumrich used from the Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture.

Although you are welcome to examine this section, most website visitors will find nothing useful here. The article basically demonstrates that the commentaries Blumrich used were not written for scholars, academics and experts—the Commentary was intended to provide basic background information for laymen from a Roman Catholic viewpoint. I am including the article mainly for completeness because the Commentary is not readily available in printed form and is only available on-line from a subscription service. The Commentary was published in February 1953 and is considered outdated because it did not take into account information from the Dead Sea Scrolls, which had only recently been discovered.

Differences between Web and Book Chapter Layouts  View sample scanned page

The Commentary article on this site contains the full text of the article Blumrich used. I did not include scanned pages because the typesize in the original book is extremely small, about 5 point type, and very difficult to read and I found a good digitization.

As the sample shows, the Commentary article text is in two columns. Because the typeface is so small, transferring all text from one page to a legible type size requires displaying the left and right columns separately and each Commentary page prints out to about 2-½ letter-size pages. Because most visitors will simply skim a few pages, instead of creating a single web page 60 letter-size pages long, I put each Commentary page in a separate web page.  Because I kept the original pagination, sometimes a web page starts or ends in the middle of a sentence.

The article contains some phonetic transcriptions which use some phonetic symbols that are not part of the Unicode character set. The primary one is an "h" with a dot under it. Some of those display on the web page as a ? mark. Because users of this site won't care about phonetic transcriptions in a general article I did not try to fix those.

Commentary Sections

Basically, you can ignore all white-on-blue numbers/letters. The Commentary does not use page number references. The entire book is divided up into numerically referenced sections with lettered subsections, i.e., 487a. In the Commentary book section numbers are in the left or right margins only. The top of each column shows the current section number and subsection letter. New subsections are indicated only by the letter, i.e., Section 487 subsection a will be designated 487a but subsection b will be designated only b, not 487b. In the website pages sometimes the dividing point for a subsection is included in the text—even in the middle of a word—generally as a seemingly random single letter. For clarity, I have indicated those  c  letters in bold white text on blue.


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