The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


The Spaceships of Ezekiel


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UNESCO Oct 74 Impact article The spaceships of of the prophet Ezekiel

In the early 1970's, a book titled Chariots of the Gods caused a major stir. Author Erich von Däniken claimed that there was significant historical evidence showing that Earth was visited by astronauts in ancient times. He claimed that because humans didn't comprehend technology, they thought the ancient astronauts were gods. It was eventually shown that a lot of von Däniken's "evidence" did not exist or were forgeries he commissioned and that he had served several prison terms for fraud.

Von Däniken said the biblical prophet Ezekiel described a spaceship.

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NASA spacecraft engineer Josef F. Blumrich saw the claim and decided to prove it wrong. But when he read Ezekiel's descriptions, they sounded like things Blumrich had designed! So he did an engineering analysis and worked out a preliminary design for the craft.

Spaceships of Ezekiel



This site presents Blumrich's information and evaluates his analysis.

I was quite impressed when I originally read Blumrich's book 40 years ago. But when I then started reading the entire Book of Ezekiel—including the extensive prophecies and messages that claim to be from the God of the Bible—even though I knew nothing about the Bible I realized it was not that clear and Blumrich ignores some substantial issues. Also, Blumrich makes some major (and common) errors in evaluating the evidence.

Some people who examine Spaceships decide that Blumrich originally planned to refute von Däniken but realized he could sell more books by agreeing. I want to be absolutely clear about this—I have researched Blumrich extensively and there is absolutely no question that he honestly believed what he wrote. After Spaceships he wrote another book on the legends of the Hopi Indians, he published unpaid articles, gave lectures and unpaid interviews and participated in Paleo-SETI groups that research "ancient astronauts as gods" theories.



"I just ran across your site and was most impressed by your fair analysis of my father's book and his intentions. I am Steve Blumrich in Franklin, Tennessee." – Email to The Commander, April 2010.


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