The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


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Book Table of Contents

     Chapter 1

  The Situation


     Chapter 2

  Who Was Ezekiel?


     Chapter 3

  What Did Ezekiel See?


     Chapter 4

  The Spacecraft


     Chapter 5

  Bible Text and Space Technology


     Chapter 6

  Complements and Insights



The Temples

     Chapter 7

  Text, Author, and Report


     Chapter 8

  The Mission


     Chapter 9

  Form and Mechanism Comments

     Chapter 10

  Widening the Basis




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Textual Analysis Phrases Analyzed
  Table of Contents re Textual Analysis   The hand of the Lord was upon me.
  About Blumrich and Textual Analysis   The glory of the Lord / God of Israel
  Translation Errors   spirit
  General Translation Issues   living creatures
  Interpreting Text and Testimony   visions
  Strong's Numbers   vehicular structure
  Statistical Analysis of Verses Cited   round feet
  Word Study  
  Round Vehicle  
  Ezekiel's Temple  
About Blumrich About the Bible
  Table of Contents re Blumrich   The Message of the Bible
  Josef F. Blumrich, NASA Engineer   Versions, Translations and Language
  U.S. Patents Issued to Blumrich   Five Translations Compared: Luke 1:1-4
  List of Blumrich's Articles   Translations Compared: Romans 10:9-11
  Interview with Lars A. Fischinger   Biblical Prophets
  Information from Government Records   The Book of Ezekiel
  Ezekiel Article by Blumrich  

  Journal Story about Blumrich Speech

  Excerpts from Blumrich's References

  UPI Story on Blumrich's Views


  NASA Story on Blumrich's Wheel


  Where to find more on Blumrich


"Aliens" and General

Other "Mysteries"

  Common Conceptions of "Aliens"

  Pyramids and the value of PI

  Odd Characteristics of "Aliens"

  Stand 80-ton obelisk with no machines


  NASA did not find Joshua's long day.

  Marshall SFC History 1960-1973

(22 Mb PDF)

  Berlitz plane glows in Bermuda Triangle

  Color Coding of Site Pages

  Walking on hot coals

  FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  Spontaneous human combustion

  "First Shown Here" ToC

  Lying on a bed of nails

  Making a Crop Circle

  Jesus sweating blood


  Kansas Cownapping Airship Hoax


  Aurora Texas UFO Crash Hoax


Rocket Engines


  Introduction to Rocket Engines   Data on the Planets in Our Solar System
  Types of Propulsion Systems   More Information on Solar Planets
  Specific Impulse for Various Fuels