The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


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Who Was Ezekiel?

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Who was Ezekiel? Blumrich completely missed the most important point:

Ezekiel was a prophet of God—he foretold the future.

This is a crucial point!

It is no great secret that there are many "God wannabes". Throughout history people all over the world have believed in different gods.

Is this something people just came up with to make themselves feel good? Or is there any actual evidence that a god—or gods—or a goddess—or goddesses—or gods and goddesses—actually exist?

If there is such information, does the "evidence" hold up to examination, or is it a case where your starting viewpoint must be,  "I'm totally convinced," and then you'll "find" "proof" that supports what you already believe?

The Bible claims that it is reporting historical events. We can check against other historical records and see if the Bible reports the information accurately.

So what? So what if the Bible reports historical events accurately? Plenty of books report historical events accurately and nobody claims they were "inspired by God"!

True, but the God of the Bible says He will provide proof He exists and He really is who and what He claims to be.


He claims He knows everything and to prove it He'll tell us the future.

Of course, anyone can claim to know the future, but only someone who actually knows the future can always get it right. Jeane Dixon, for instance,  claimed to have "the gift of prophecy". There were three presidential elections in the 1950's. For each election, she "prophesied" who the Democratic and Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates would be and who would win the election—12 candidates, and 3 winning teams. Her total score? .  .  . Zero! She didn't correctly identify even one candidate and she guessed wrong every time regarding who would win!

How is God's track record, through real prophets? Here are a few "simple" prophecies his prophets got right:

  1. Pharaoh would let about three million slaves leave Egypt after all the first-born sons of Egypt were killed— including his own son.
  2. Deuteronomy 30:1-3: Centuries after Moses' death, the descendants of the Israelites would be scattered throughout the world. (135 A.D., after the Bar Kochba rebellion)
  3. Israel would do something no other people in history have ever done— be totally disbursed for over 1,000 years and then "rise from the dead" and again become a nation. (March 14-15, 1948)  Ezekiel 11:16-17. Ezekiel 37.

  4. Daniel  Chapters 7-8: Babylon would be conquered by Medo-Persia, the Persian empire would be conquered by Greece (Alexander the Great), after the death of Alexander his kingdom would be divided in four parts, the rise of Roman Empire, the regathering of the Roman Empire (in the form of the European Union).
  5. Daniel 9 and others: Although Israel had been conquered, the city walls of Jerusalem had been destroyed  and most of Israel's population had been forcibly relocated (which is how Ezekiel wound up in Babylon), its conquerors would be overthrown and the walls would be rebuilt.
  6. Daniel 9:26: Although the temple woud be rebuilt, it would be destroyed again (In 70  A.D. under Roman General Titus.)

These are just a few "highlights". About 28 percent of the Bible is prophecy—more than one page out of every four!

Oh, yeah, there's also that little thing about .  .  .

  • God coming to Earth as a human being
  • being born in Bethlehem
  • living in Galilee
  • being named "Jesus"
    (The name "Jesus" in Hebrew/Aramaic is "Yeshua" ,
    which means "Savior" or "Salvation" )

Isaiah  9:6
Micah 5:2
Isaiah 9:1-2
Isaiah 62:11

  • Jesus being a prophet
  • being crucified
  • being beaten, whipped, pierced and killed
  • coming back from the dead
  • bringing salvation to the Gentiles
  • being accepted by the Gentiles ("nations")
  • being worshiped by [some] people of every nation 

Deuteronomy 18:18
Psalm 22
Isaiah 52:13 through 53:12
Psalm 16:9-10
Isaiah 49:6
Zechariah 2:10-11
Daniel 7:13-14

Let's see Jeane Dixon match that track record for accuracy!

Ezekiel prophesied the destruction of numerous cities, each  in a very unusual way.

For instance, Tyre had a huge navy and consisted of a city on the coast and a city on a neighboring island. The Babylonians reduced the city on the coast to rubble but could not defeat the city on the island because of its navy. When Alexander the Great conquered the known world, each time he conquered a country he added to his navy. Ultimately, he had such a large navy that Tyre could not defend against it. As prophesied by Ezekiel, Alexander's army took the rubble from the old city and threw it into the ocean to build a road two hundred feet wide, from which they were able to attack and ultimately destroy the last remains of Tyre.

So, who was Ezekiel?

Either he actually was someone whom the God of the Bible chose as a spokesman or he was the luckiest fraud who has ever lived!

Was he really just some guy who saw ancient astronauts?

If so, how could he know about things like the Nation of Israel coming "back from the dead" 2,600 years later?

Are we really supposed to believe that somehow secret visitors from some planet outside our solar system managed to influence the United Nations to reestablish the Nation of Israel in 1948???


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