The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


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What Did Ezekiel See?

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This is one of the core chapters. It presents the "guts" of Blumrich's interpretation.

As the Textual Analysis part of this website points out, Blumrich made some fundamental errors in trying to interpret the text because he had no training in crucial areas. Click on the links as you read the Bible excerpts and Blumrich's interpretation—don't read the whole text and then start checking the links. It is important to see the errors as you are reading.

That may sound biased, but indeed it is exactly the opposite. As you are reading Blumrich's interpretation you are getting his biased view. Checking the links while reading lets you see both sides of the argument as it progresses.

Elsewhere I point out:

  1. the attributes of the solar planets.
  2. Why helicopters can't work on any other solar planet.
  3. It is ridiculous to think that any civilization capable of routinely traveling to our solar system from another one would still be using helicopter-based technology in shuttlecraft.
  4. Blumrich developed his interpretation based on two mistranslations, "round feet" and "vehicular structure".
  5. Blumrich goes into detail about the craft being round and says the round shape was important for aerodynamic reasons. He bases his entire design on the necessity of a round vehicle. The Bible never says the vehicle was round.



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