The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


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Textual Analysis - About Blumrich and Bible Text

Reason for

is not about "tooting my own horn". A quick check of this website will show that I don't identify myself or detail my background. Of course, information from any anonymous source should always be viewed with some skepticism. I realize that some websites will copy some information from here and not say they got it here. The real point of this page is to establish credibility of the overall site. If I have the research skills to find such information when no one else knew what to look for or where to find it, including in foreign languages, that should help convince site visitors that other information on the site is also worthy of serious consideration.

About the list:

The list is not exhaustive and is only to give a general idea.

In the list below, "Date" means the date the information was added to the site, not the date of first publication. I developed the site sporadically over several years before publishing it. Date ranges may be approximate.


Date Material
2003 All the Textual Analysis pages
2003 All Comment pages
2003 Chap. 4: Helicopter technology and mothership origin
2003 Chap. 6-Leitmotifs: Methodology error
Jun 2006 Chap. 6-Temple:  Time travel
2003 Chap. 6-Temple: Didn't visit another existing temple
2003 Chap. 7: Methodology error rejecting Ezekiel's testimony without reason
2003 Chap. 8: Methodology error disregarding testimony without reason
2003 Chap. 9: Arguments against "parallel" evolution on another planet
Jun 5, 2006 Hebrew text and transliteration of key mistranslations
Jun 10, 2006 English translation of Fischinger interview
Jun 10, 2006 Copies of Blumrich's patents from the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Jun 16, 2006 Patents in searchable PDF format
Jun 11, 2006 Blumrich's Social Security number from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
Jun 11, 2006 County and state of Blumrich's last residence from SSDI
Jun 11, 2006 List of Blumrich real estate transactions from Larimer County, Colorado public record
Jun 11, 2006 I finally found out Blumrich's middle name from the real estate records!
Jun 11, 2006 Wife's name from real estate records
Jun 11, 2006 Birth and death dates, Social Security Number of wife Hildegard Anna.
Jun 11, 2006 Orange County, California real estate records
Jun 9, 2006 Nowhere does Ezekiel say the "vehicle" is round or saucer-shaped.
Sep 23, 2006 Wife's maiden name
Sep 23, 2006 Marriage date
Sep 23, 2006 Names of sons
Sep 23, 2006 School where he got his degrees
Sep 23, 2006 Year of graduation
Sep 23, 2006 Parents' names
Sep 23, 2006 Military service
Sep 23, 2006 Court interpreter
Dec 9, 2007 Huntsville street address
Dec 9, 2007 I finally found the Impact article through Google Scholar after four years of searching!
Apr 5, 2008 Ezekiel chapter from Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture
Apr 10, 2008 Page with "round feet" mistranslation - 1957 German Bible
Apr 10, 2008 Page with "vehicular structure" mistranslation - 1957 German Bible
Oct 8, 2009 Theological tie-in to Jesus.
Nov 13, 2009 EUREKA!  After searching more than six years and thirteen thousand images I finally found the "traditional picture"!
Nov 13, 2009 Translation showing that the claim that Ezekiel saw Jesus has long been made by theologians.
Nov 2011 While researching in response to an email from Christoph Blumrich I first noticed that the NAB duplicates the "round feet" mistranslation.


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