The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


What Did Ezekiel See? - Part C


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Chapter 3

What Did Ezekiel See? (Part D))

(Part C)
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    Wheels!  [p.15] 

    For the first time Ezekiel discovers in the bewildering phenomenon something with which he is familiar, something to which he can apply his experience. This is sufficient reason for him to observe them at length, to describe them now and later in a conspicuously prolonged fashion. Even twenty years later, they serve him again to confirm the spacecraft's identity. After taking a close look at them, he is puzzled again.

    What kind of wheels are these!

    Their color is a light greenish blue, and on each wheel he observes motions which he cannot comprehend, rotations unfamiliar to him from any of the wheels he knows. There is so much movement in every wheel that it seems to him that there is more than one wheel within a wheel. And then—he cannot understand how they move on the ground. The wheels he knows roll in one direction. Should this direction be changed, the whole wheel has to be turned to the new direction. Here he sees, however, that they can move in any direction from where they stand . . . without being turned! Ezekiel. does not simply accept this as a fact, he checks his own observations by watching whether the living beings perhaps turn and in so doing turn the wheels. But he discovers no such movements in them.

    Ezekiel knows only wheels that roll because the vehicle of which they are a part is being pushed or pulled. This everyday experience lets him assume that here too the wheels move along with the living beings. He cannot have any knowledge of wheel drives and therefore cannot realize that the relationships are reversed in the case of these wondrous wheels and that the living beings are the ones that are set in motion by the wheels!

    Finally, wheels are unknown to him that have special provisions on their rims designed to increase their sliding resistance on the ground. These round protrusions on the rims required for a mobility in two directions look to him "like eyes."

    Eventually the wheels come to a standstill and set Ezekiel free for other observations. It is only now that he raises his eyes above the wings of the living beings and sees the mighty dome that reaches out far and stretches in a huge arch above them. He notices that the wings no longer turn but that each two pairs of them are folded up and down until they touch the living beings.  [p.17] 


       What Did Ezekiel See? (Part D))