The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


What Did Ezekiel See? - Part F


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Chapter 3

The Spacecraft (Part A)

(Part F)
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    A pause of some nineteen years follows. During this period, Ezekiel makes no mention whatever of any new encounters with spaceships.  [p.21] 

    But one day the commander picks him up again for a flight and takes him to a temple located at great altitude. The planning of this undertaking is again made manifest by the presence of a man who awaits Ezekiel at the landing site. As in the third encounter, the body shape, the movements, and the speech of that man present no peculiarities that the careful observer Ezekiel would find worthy of mention. The garment, however, does attract his attention. Its surface which resembles bronze or gold reminds him of his first encounter with the commander, whose suit he had described because of its flamelike light effects.

    The man who awaits him carries two implements that look to Ezekiel's eyes like a cord of flax and a measuring reed. He specifically stresses to Ezekiel that he was brought here in order to see everything; he enjoins him to remember well what he sees.

    Ezekiel is led through a large temple compound which he describes with a wealth of detail. After some time the spaceship by which he came flies from its landing place in front of the temple building into the inner court. Ezekiel too is taken there by his escort who stands next to him while the commander gives instructions to the prophet.

    Ezekiel's report is discontinued abruptly so that unfortunately we do not know the sequel and the end of this last reported encounter.

    In this summary I have omitted details that are not necessary for the presentation of essential factual information, just as I have generally refrained from treating parts of the Ezekiel reports that are unrelated to the technical interpretation, that is, parts which we consider his prophecies. As a result the technical data becomes much clearer and the events become more visible in outline and in logical connection.

    Now, however, I shall leave this mode of presentation and turn my attention to all available details. Their role will be to produce proof of the reality of Ezekiel's reports with the help of detailed analyses and step-by-step comparisons.  [p.21] 


       The Spacecraft (Part A)