The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?




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Figure 1

The spaceship seen from a distance of about 190 feet

Figure 2

Helicopter unit seen from a distance of about 25 feet

Figure 3

An example of the traditional interpretation

Figure 4

Engineering depiction of the spacecraft

Figure 5

Schematics of rocket engines

Figure 6

Heat input on rotor blades

Figure 7

Mechanical arm and control rockets

Figure 8

Mechanical hand

Figure 9

The principle of achieving wheel movement in any direction

Figure 10

Structural layout of a wheel (that rolls sideways)

Figure 11

The spacecraft at entry into the atmosphere

Figure 12

Flight with a one-man propulsion unit

Figure 13

Gemini capsule, front view and aboard recovey ship

Figure 14

Lunokhod 1




Figure 15

Lower part of main body in the wind tunnel. Schlieren photograph.

Figure 16

Cross section of main body and propellant tank

Figure 16a

Cross section detail

Figure 17

Characteristic positions of "crossed wheels"

Figure 18

Support principle of the wheel segments

Figure 19

Design principle of a wheel with continuous tire

Figure 20

Weights of the main power plant

Figure 21

Weights of radiation shield

Figure 22

Geometry of the helicopter arrangement

Figure 23

Result of the analysis

Figure 24

Dependence of vehicle size on development of main power plant