The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


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The Spacecraft 

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Blumrich's belief that he designed similar landing gear
(Discussed at Chap. 4, part E)

Blumrich: "Ezekiel says:


Translation error Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were round; and they sparkled like burnished bronze.

    Since I was involved myself in the design and testing of such "feet" years ago, Ezekiel's words made immediate sense to me."

Oh, WOW! What an absolutely incredible stroke of luck! Only seven verses into the book and already Blumrich finds something that he personally designed! How cool is that ?!?

Amazingly, it never crosses Blumrich's mind, "You know . . . I think I need to be realistic here. I design spaceships as a career. If this guy really did see a spaceship, okay . . . I probably would recognize the functionality of various parts. But only seven verses into the book I find a description of something I personally designed??? I think I need a "reality check". I must be reading into the text something that's not actually there.  How come only one other translation says, "Round feet?" And they both happen to be recent Catholic translations. Why don't any Jewish or Protestant translations say, "Round feet?""

Origin of the "mothership"
(Discussed at Chap. 4, part G)

"[The spacecraft] was designed to serve as a shuttle between a mothership and the surface of the earth."

"We shall not put forward any considerations regarding the mothership and its origin."

"Regardless of where that undefined mothership may have come from . . ."

Here we see absolutely ludicrous statements!

Where the alleged mothership came from is of utmost importance! If this speculated mothership did in fact exist, we know today that it must have come from outside our solar system. The exact star system is irrelevant but the fact that it had to be extra-solar is critical.


Because any civilization capable of traveling to Earth from another star system would have to have technology far in advance of ours. It is absolutely ridiculous to think they would be using helicopter-based technology we could duplicate today.

In his book, Blumrich says that the only reason we could not build a fully-functional shuttlecraft of the type he describes is that it requires a specific impulse of at least 2000 seconds and in the early 1970's such powerful fuels did not exist. Although most fuels we use today cannot do that, we probably could if we made a serious effort to do so.


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