The Spaceships of Ezekiel
Are there Flying Saucers in the Bible?


Textual Analysis - Table of Contents


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Textual Analysis
Table of Contents

Textual Analysis - About Blumrich and Bible Text

1) About Blumrich and Bible Text

2) Translation Errors

3) General Translation Issues

4) Interpreting Text and Testimony

5) Bible Versions, Translations and Language

6) All Sections of Blumrich's Book Containing Bible Text (my numbering)
[3-a]   [3-d]    [4-e]    [5-b]    [5-c]    [5-d]    [5-e]    [5-f]    [5-g]    [5-h]   [5-i]    [5-j]
[5-k]    [5-l]     [6-a]   [6-b]   [6-d]  [7-a]   [7-b]   [7-c]   [7-e]    [8-a]   [8-b]

7) Strong's Numbers
(What are they?)

8) Statistical Analysis of Verses Cited
(Blumrich used only 6.2% of the Book of Ezekiel.)

9) Word Study

10) Round Vehicle

11) Ezekiel's Temple

Bible Phrases Analyzed

12) "The hand of the Lord was upon me"

13) "the glory of the Lord"
     the glory of the God of Israel

13) "spirit"

14) "living creatures"
     creatures had six wings
     beast with four heads
     covered with eyes
     lamb with seven eyes
     lion with wings
     leopard with wings
     four bird wings

15) "visions"

16) "vehicular structure"

17) "round feet"


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